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Saturday, 19 September 2009 01:00

2009 Wyoming Invitational Tournament Results

Trinity Taekwon-Do recognizes Mrs. Kathy Lynch and Miss Laura Pantleo for their recent accomplishments at the Wyoming Invitational Tournament.

On Saturday, September 19th 2009, these ladies competed in sparring and patterns competitions.  Both Trinity students fared well and their performances were fantastic.

Miss Laura Pantelo, 1st Gup, received 2nd place in combined girls and boys red/black belt sparring. Her final match was against a 2nd Dan black belt and she really gave him a "run for the money".

Mrs. Kathy Lynch, 2nd Gup, received 2nd place in ladies sparring and patterns.  Here dedication to consistent training and strong fitness allowed her to push hard throughout her match.

Congratulations to each of this Trinity ladies in their accomplishments.

Next Step... Grandmaster Sereff Championships in October...
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