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Black Belt Testing - February 26 2011 Featured

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Trinity Taekwon-Do Black Belt Testing
Mrs. Pam Neidig Promoted to 7th Dan Master Instructor


Test Board(Back Row: left-to-right)
Senior Grandmaster C.E. Sereff, Grandmaster Renee Sereff, Grandmaster Paul De Baca,
Senior Master Robert Neidig, Senior Master Stan Martin, Master Kirk Steadman and Master Dan Griffin

Testing Candidates (Front row)
Mr. Charles Avila (VI – Testing Instructor), Miss Kimberly Meewis (1st Candidate – not pictured, Mr. Paul Kneusal (1st Candidate), Mr. Ed Garneau (2nd Candidate), Mrs. Pam Neidig (VII Candidate), Mrs. Kristine Ferraro (4th Candidate), )Mr. Jacob Miller (1st Candidate), Mr. Caleb Kennedy (1st Candidate )


“An New Day has Dawned”

On Saturday, February 26, 2011 Trinity Taekwon-Do hosted it’s annual Spring Black Belt Testing.  This testing was a pinnacle event in Trinity’s history as Mrs. Pamela Neidig (VI) was officially promoted to VII Dan Master.

Mrs. Neidig’s testing performance was to the highest standard for her patterns, sparring and breaking demonstrations.
Joining Mrs. Neidig on the floor were students testing from all classes of Black Belt.  Here is a summary of the testing candidates:

  • Mrs. Kristine Ferraro – 4th Dan Candidate
  • Mr. Ed Garneau – 2nd Dan Candidate
  • Miss. Kimberly Meewis – 1st Dan Candidate (Best of Testing award)
  • Mr. Paul Kneusal – 1st Dan Candidate
  • Mr. Jacob Miller – 1st Dan Candidate
  • Mr. Caleb Kennedy – 1st Dan Candidate (Best  Ho Sin Sul)

During this event, all the testing candidates demonstrated the power, strength and attitude that is a hallmark the Trinity Taekwon-Do program.

At the conclusion of the event, the Test Board awarded Miss Kimberly Meewis the High Test Score award.  Mr. Caleb Kennedy and partner (Mr. Trey Cantebury) were awarded Best Ho Sin Sul.

Special thanks and appreciation is sent to the friends and family of all the testing candidates that attended the event and continue to support their friends, daughters, sons, wives and husbands in their personal Taekwon-Do adventure. Trinity Taekwon-Do is honored by the guests and other USTF dignitaries that traveled to witness this event from around the local Denver area, Wyoming and Washington State (Master MaryAnn Stewart).

Senior Master Neidig and the Head Instructors (Master Pam Neidig VII, Mr. Charles Avila VI) of Trinity Taekwon-Do are proud of these student’s performances and their personal on-going commitment towards Taekwon-Do and Trinity.

Congratulations to all our students on their outstanding accomplishments during this event.  See the full news article for the event pictures and video highlights.

Visit our Picture Gallery for full coverage of the event.

Respectfully … Your Brother in Taekwon-Do,

Mr. Charles Avila (USTF-6-137)
Head Instructor, Trinity Taekwon-Do


See all the event pictures and be sure to see the video highlights of the testing.







Event Pictures

Event Video Highlights

Master Neidig - Video Highlights


Testing Highlights - Coming

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