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Paying It Forward

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The founder of Taekwon-Do, General Choi Hong Hi, defined Taekwon-Do moral culture as: Travel, Mountain Climbing, Cold Showers and Bath; Public Service and Ettiquette.

Community Service work has always been a core element of Taekwon-Do students black belt testing requirements.

To enable our students to achieve their goals and participate in community service in their own community, Trinity has adopted a park in the City of Broomfield.

Community Service

Community Park is one of Broomfield’s finest parks located off of Des Combes drive next to the Mamie Doud Eisenhower library.  Our commitment in this "Adopt a Park" program is to maintain a "trash free" environment at Community Park in Broomfield, Colorado.  The map of the park below outlines the area of our responsibility.  This the entire area west of the softball fields (on Lamar St), north of the Mamie Doud Eisenhower library and south of the Broomfield Country Club and is outlined on the map.






Park Map


All Trinity students and family members are encouraged to help out in the effort. Here are the pertinent details surrounding this program.

How to I get involved:

Who can Participate – All Trinity TKD students, family and friends can participate

What will We Do – We will walk the grounds of Community Park and pick up trash. (Trash bags will be provided)

Where – Community Park off of Des Combes drive between Lamar and Main St. We will meet in the Library parking lot.

When – "Pay It Forward" events will be organized on the second Saturday of every month. Starting time will be at 11:00AM to Approximately 12:00 (depending on number of volunteers).  These events will be announced during classes.

Dress code – Casual dress is permitted including: shorts, jeans, T-Shirts, tennis shoes, etc. (Remember you are representing Trinity TKD so dress respectfully). Light weigh work gloves are recommended.

All participants must sign a liability waiver at the start of each event. Children under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign for them. Students are responsible to track their own time towards their testing requirements and have it signed by Master Neidig, Mrs. Neidig, or Mr. Avila.

During these events,all  junior students shall be supervised by adult students such that teamwork and safety can be observed at all times.

This will be a fun way to spend time with your TKD brothers and sisters while keeping your community clean.

Lets all work together and show our Community Spirit and "Pay It Forward"!


For more information please contact Mr. Ray Young.


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