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Our Trinity Family

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Our Trinity Family is growing bigger and stronger.  Through our friendships and time together, the opportunity to share our experience together is what Trinity Taekwon-Do is founded upon.

This site lifts up and extols the students, brothers, sisters, and families that call Trinity their "Home away from Home".


Here are images of the "student and instructor families" that share Taekwon-Do together.  At Trinity Taekwon-Do we are blessed to have so many students participating with their brothers, sisters, mothers or fathers.   These students exemplify the strength of our school...

"Family IS Everything!"  We are Blessed Indeed...


ImageThe Young family are one of several family groups that train together and only recently are the newest 2nd Degree Black Belts at Trinity Taekwon-Do.
ImageMegan and Nathan Yeo have been at Trinity since the beginning of their Taekwon-Do training.  Now four years later we're excited to see their progress and growth.
ImageBen and Nathan Fulton are two other brothers and long time "Taekwon-Do Brothers" at Trinity.
Ed and Sean Garneau are a father and son "tag-team". After just receiving his 1st Dan, Ed Garneau is now looking forward to Sean's promotion.  The time is soon...
ImageThe Fishers are new arrivals this year, but welcomed into the Trinity Family just the same.  Tyler is a strong jumper and Jacey is growing in the Taekwon-Do spirit.
ImagePeter and Jacob Dong have two young men that came to Trinity as "little guys".  Now their on the verge of their 1st Dan Black Belt and there's a change in the aire.... Time to grow... Time to fly...
ImageThe single largest family at Trinity... the Kneusel brothers are now joined by their youngest brother, Joseph.  The strength of these brothers and their ties bind our Taekwon-Do family at the seams.
ImageThe Chiem brothers are only just starting... but it won't be long before we begin to herald their strengths and accomplishments.  As two of our newest children, Gavin and Ryan are already taking to the Taekwon-Do Way...
ImageThe Ebadi brothers are now half way in their journey to become a Black Belt.  They continue to improve and their strengths friendship with the other students.
ImageThe Ferraro kids are just new to Trinity.  While their Mom and Dad had trained with us years ago, the tide has changed and a younger plant now grows.  This brother and sister are having fun together.
ImageThe Hans, like the Chiems, are only newcomers to Trinity.  But there taking to Taekwon-Do like "fish in water".  Our newest members have hidden talents just waiting to be seen.
ImageThe Jaminets have been at Trinity now for six months and what a joy.  Paul is a strong role model for all the white belts and illustrates strong leader skills.  Grace embodies pure innocence...the simple elegance of a young white belt.
In separable, Emilee Joyce and Grace Jaminet, are best Taekwon-Do friends.  Always giving out hugs and warm smiles.  These young students are the joy and blessing of Trinity.
ImageThe Shu sisters are up and coming. Already recognized amoung the "top of the pack", we can foresee big things from these two sisters at Trinity.



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