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Wednesday, 09 April 2008 09:04

Classroom Courtesy, Respect and Etiquette

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Taekwon-Do is fun for everyone, but everyone must follow the general rules of classroom courtesy and

Mutual Respect & Courtesy

ettiquette with respect to personal behavior in and out of the Do Jang (training hall).


Here is a brief list of things to remember.

  1. Arrive early to class to begin warming up, stretching out or practicing patterns.
  2. Upon entering the Do Jang (training hall), bow in to the room. This shows respect for our Do Jang.
  3. When the instructor says line up, do so quickly and quietly.
  4. Always pay close attention. Watch, Listen and Learn!
  5. Always try your hardest, 100% effort.
  6. Addressing fellow student or instructor is done by using the appropriate surname (Mr. Mrs, Miss) followed by their last name. If the last name of the student is unknown, Sir or Maam are always appropriate and acceptable.
  7. Always address Grandmaster and Master instructors through proper use of the title (e.g. Master Neidig, etc.)
  8. If an instructor asks you a question, come to attention, bow and answer the question.
  9. Always use correct etiquette in addressing one another. Proper responses always include Sir, or Maam. For example: When asked what is the date, the student would say "Today is Tuesday, Sir".
  10. Never turn your back to an instructor, black belt or testing board. Always walk backwards or sideways.
  11. Never tie your belt or adjust your uniform facing a senior student or instructor. Always turn away without turning your back.
  12. Always have FUN. This is the number one thing to remember.

Discipline and courtesy are BIG part of Taekwon-Do training. If you have any questions, always speak with an instructor first.